The thread of good reads keeps on streaming at Vivaldi and we’ve been collecting the highlights from around the globe. In this week’s edition of Weekend Reading, the Internet’s buzzing about Pizza Hut’s rumored Super Bowl ad, Victoria Secret angels are now in your pocket, and industries continue to be disrupted.

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Keeping Up With What’s Going Down in the World of Business and Brands: The Week of November 8

We’re going public with the best-kept secret of working at Vivaldi: the steady stream of good reads that gets shared by the team every week. In case you’ve missed these highlights, here’s your weekend reading: Twitter ventures into the loan business, LEGO and Tinder find similar inspiration, and more.

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Don't Believe Everything You Hear About Millenial Consumers Vivaldi Partners Group

Don’t Believe Everything You Hear About Millennial Consumers

Every generation has a unique set of attitudes, values, and behaviors. Like a person or a brand, a generation has a collective, unique personality. Marketers today are interested in the Millennials–the generation of consumers generally born between 1981 and 2000–and they are perceived as important, highly influential, and worthy of considerable attention.

I agree. These consumers are indeed important and worthy to better understand. So, I decided to review a handful of the many studies and books that exist on Millennials. I must say it was an easy task since there is a great deal of analysis, research, and investigation on the subject. A quick Google search brings up quickly a dozen studies. My conclusion is that there is much to be learned about Millennials, and nearly every study is worth a great read, but in all practical terms, there are very few useful recommendations or practical guidelines for marketers. Here is why:

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What Brands Need to Know about Digital Strategy

Vivaldi Partners Group Founder and CEO Erich Joachimsthaler was interviewed the other day by DayBreak USA. In his conversation with the host, Jay Young, Erich talked about what brands and businesses need to know in order to connect with consumers in today’s digital world. The empowered consumers are Always-On with fickle preferences. Companies must meet this change by enabling their digital enterprises. Erich goes on to explain how companies can do that as well as mistakes to avoid.

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