Can’t Buy Me (Brand) Love

Today, there are no ‘lifestyle brands’, only brands that successfully understand their customer’s ‘lifestyle’ and find ways to connect with them on their terms in order to provide value beyond the brands’ products and services. Consumers want what they want when they want it. They expect more, they are impatient and they value brands that take the time to understand and support their lives and beliefs.

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Is This the End of Branding as We Know It? 

We asked two authorities on branding, our own advisory board member, the E. B. Osborn Professor of Marketing at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College and former Executive Director of MSI, Kevin Lane Keller, and our CEO Erich Joachimsthaler: What’s new in branding? The two shared a  lively discussion on the brand-building models that are here to stay – and those that might already be obsolete.

Kevin Lane Keller:  Erich, you see a lot of branding work done by many different companies these days. What are some of the new branding developments you are seeing?

Erich Joacimsthaler: What is clear to me is that the old branding models that relied on TV spots and billboards don’t apply anymore. They identified a few attributes that made a brand different and then advertising was used to hammer these attributes into consumers’ head. That’s not how today’s powerful brands are being built. Look at Uber, Lyft, Tesla or Google, for example.

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This Week in Business and Brands: Dictating the Future, Tapping into Texters, and More

Hands-Free or One-Touch?

If you think you’ve already got a handle on the internet’s biggest trends of 2016, think again – with Mary Meeker’s in-depth report, there’s plenty more to learn when it comes to current practices that are influencing the digital future. Among the many shifts to come about through modern tech advances, voice interfaces may dictate that change the most, as some predict that by 2020 over half of all online searches will be made via voice or image query. Best of luck to Siri and Alexa…

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Vivaldi Partners Goes Düsseldorf

In celebration of our growing presence in Europe, we celebrated the official opening of our Düsseldorf office on May 16th. We were honored to host top marketing leaders from the Düsseldorf Area for a lively evening of insightful discussion — marking a great start for the Düsseldorf team and our full European team.

The highlight of the evening was the keynote from our CEO Dr. Erich Joachimsthaler with the main theme: “Marketing in the Age of Reimagination”, during which he once again demonstrated remarkable thought-leading insights. Afterward, it was great to have the office bustling with guests enjoying food and drinks, in-depth conversations and exchanging ideas.

“We had a great kick-off: exciting conversations with great guests embedded in a successful program,” concluded Senior Partner Björn Sander. “We are ready and highly motivated to celebrate achievements together with our current clients as well as with our prospective clients,” added Senior Partner Marc Scherer, who together with Björn Sanders leads the Düsseldorf office.

The Düsseldorf Team would like to thank all guests and is looking forward to exciting and challenging projects.

Vivaldi Partners Goes Düsseldorf

Zum weiteren Ausbau der Präsenz in Europa hat Vivaldi Partners unter dem Motto “Vivaldi Partners Goes Düsseldorf“ die offizielle Eröffnung des Düsseldorfer Standortes gefeiert. Der Abend, zu dem Top-Marketing Entscheider aus dem Rhein-Ruhr Gebiet eingeladen waren, war ein großartiger Start für das Düsseldorfer Team, das durch die Partner der weiteren europäischen Standorte unterstützt wurde.

Highlight der Eröffnung war die Keynote von CEO Dr. Erich Joachimsthaler zum Thema „Marketing in the Age of Reimagination“, in der er wieder einmal außergewöhnliche Denkanstöße lieferte. Im Anschluss wurden bei Fingerfood & Drinks intensive Gespräche geführt und sich ausgetauscht.

DSC_0036 (1)

„Wir hatten einen Auftakt nach Maß: Spannende Gespräche mit tollen Gästen eingerahmt von einem gelungenen Programm”, zieht Senior Partner Björn Sander ein positives Feedback der Eröffnung. „Wir sind bereit und bis in die Fußspitzen motiviert, mit unseren bestehenden und zukünftigen Kunden gemeinsam Erfolge zu feiern”, ergänzt ihn Senior Partner Marc Scherer, der gemeinsam mit Björn Sander den Düsseldorfer Standort leitet.

Das Düsseldorfer Vivaldi Partners Team bedankt sich bei allen Gästen und freut sich darauf, spannende und herausfordernde Projekte vom neuen Standort aus zu steuern.

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