Maggie Fox of SAP on The New Marketing Technologists

“The digital revolution forces marketers to go ‘downstream’, ultimately strengthening their position within organizations”

As Senior Vice President of Digital Marketing at SAP, Maggie Fox is the global lead of all of SAP´s digital marketing and she shared her exciting perspective on the changing role of marketers and data-driven analytics in managing future customer relationships. According to Maggie, the digital revolution holds big opportunity for marketers to truly drive business strategy in their organizations. By going “downstream” and digital, marketers would grow closer and more intimate with the voices and needs of customers than ever before. Marketers are now in a unique position to help their organizations reinforce and build customer capabilities and to ultimately create a simplified digital experience that delivers relevance and value to customers.

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What Happens When…?

With the lightning-fast pace of change in today’s marketplace, success today does not guarantee success tomorrow. To stay on the leading edge of your industry, you need to cater to consumers’ current demands, while also innovating to meet their future needs.

At Vivaldi, we constantly challenge ourselves to think about the future and the ways human behavior will drive growth not just tomorrow, but five, ten, twenty years from now. By envisioning how emerging trends will spark deep-rooted transformation in the lives of consumers, we’re able to help our clients build forward-thinking brands that will thrive in this future landscape.

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Building Brands in the Digital Age

On May 23rd, the Swiss Marketing Association hosted an interactive session for marketing and innovation executives that featured a presentation from Vivaldi Partners Group CEO, Erich Joachimsthaler. It was followed by a discussion with Erich and Martin Schlatter, former CMO of Wrigley’s, moderated by Vivaldi Partners Group Senior Partner Roland Bernhard. The event focused on successful marketing strategies in today’s era of digital transformation.

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