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Is Your Company Listening to Social Media Chatter For All the Wrong Reasons?

This past week, Vivaldi Partners Group CEO and Founder Erich Joachimsthaler contributed an article in Forbes. The piece, “Is Your Company Listening To Social-Media Chatter For All The Wrong Reasons?” explains the importance of looking at your end game before  deciding on a social monitoring system. Erich explains that it is contest, not conversation, that reveals opportunity.  Continue reading

Building brands in a multi-screen world

At Vivaldi, we have been discussing the Always-on consumer and what that means for marketers.  The Always-on consumer is someone who uses three connected devices (cellphones, tablets, laptops),  accesses the Internet at last three times a day, and goes online from at least 3 physical locations, at least one of which is on-the-go. In the course of our research on the Always-on consumer, we find interesting thoughts from others. In his blog, Joel Rubinson talks about how “In a multi screen world, marketers must relearn how brands are built.

Throw out the old rules of thumb from traditional marketing about share of spend vs. share of market. In a multi-screen world, where consumers can pull information at will and have self-directed media experiences, Marketers need a new plan to do the fundamental thing they are charged with…use media to create healthy, growing brands.

And researchers need a new picture of what a healthy brand looks like in a digital age. Continue reading