The Pursuit of Speed, Scale and Scope

At a time when “it’s no longer the big who eat the small, it’s the fast who eat the slow,”  how do you stay ahead of the curve?  

We hosted four distinguished panelists on April 20th from Tough Mudder, Birchbox, Refinery29 and Unilever, each of whom reimagines every day how we view teamwork and competition; how we solve our evolving beauty needs, how we stay in the know, and how we purchase personal care products. We brought them together to share how brands innovate with speed and scale, use data to pivot business models, and manage a culture of energy and unconventional thinking – the discussion got off to a flying start.

So, how does one innovate with the necessary speed, scale and scope to win the U.S. market? A few of the nuggets we gleaned from the discussion:

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​Thinking of taking time off? ​

Summer is fast approaching, which in many companies means that strategic work stalls. Yet September will be here before you know it, and following fast behind is the busiest marketing season of the year. Why not use the summer months to get ahead?

Now’s a good time to take a step back from the frenetic pace of business to assess the first half of the year, make sure your brand fundamentals are strong, and build a marketing strategy that’s more six-pack than beer barrel.

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The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, a Sticky Skirmish and More News this Week in Business and Brands

As we find ourselves in the midst of an ongoing tech (r)evolution for businesses and brands of all kinds, there’s no question as to whether big change is coming – perhaps the question now is: “What do we call it?” As we leave the Information Age behind, are we now entering “The Experience Age”? Or is this next industrial revolution better described as “Industry 4.0”? No matter which name you choose, the rose of innovation will certainly smell as sweet – at least for those who embrace the new world in earnest. This week gave us a peek into those who are already making strides to adapt, as well as some words of warning for the reluctant traditionalists. Let’s take a look!

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This Week in Business and Brands: Surprising headlines, the science of binge-watching, and more

Just last month we hosted an event in our New York office celebrating the “brand new world” of business and branding, and examined the strategies to answer changing consumer behaviors and expectations: how do we keep up with the on-the-go, no-time-to-waste, 8-second attention spans of our consumers? Ted Pulton sums it up nicely in this thought-piece: “brands are no longer the sum of their advertising; they’re the sum of their behaviors… Control is now totally in your consumers’ hands and hearts.” With that, this week we take a look at how brands are evolving to operate in this New World of Branding.

Modern Cultural Phenomenons

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Celebrating “Sechseläuten” in Zurich

“Sechseläuten” (Swiss German: Sächsilüüte) is an old spring festival that occurs in Zurich every year on the third Monday of April. As a global firm, we like to celebrate the traditions and customs of our local offices. Therefore, the Vivaldi Partners Zurich office had the pleasure to host more than 50 high profile executives (and their families) in the fields of branding, marketing and media from major Swiss corporations at the Vivaldi office to celebrate once again the “Sechseläuten” festivities and enjoy a casual get together and informal peer exchange.

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Vivaldi Partners feiert „Sechseläuten“ in Zürich

Das „Sechseläuten“ (Schweizerdeutsch: Sächsilüüte) ist eines der ältesten Frühlingsfeste in Zürich, welches jedes Jahr am dritten Montag im April gefeiert wird. Als globales Unternehmen, welches regelmässig die Traditionen und Bräuche von unseren lokalen Büros feiert, hatte das Vivaldi Partners Büro in Zürich bereits zum vierten Mal die Freude, über 50 bekannte Führungskräfte und ihre Familien aus der Schweizer Marketing-, Branding- und Medien-Welt zum diesjährigen “Sechseläuten” zu einem lockeren Zusammensein und informellen Austausch einzuladen.

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