The Pursuit of Speed, Scale and Scope

At a time when “it’s no longer the big who eat the small, it’s the fast who eat the slow,”  how do you stay ahead of the curve?  

We hosted four distinguished panelists on April 20th from Tough Mudder, Birchbox, Refinery29 and Unilever, each of whom reimagines every day how we view teamwork and competition; how we solve our evolving beauty needs, how we stay in the know, and how we purchase personal care products. We brought them together to share how brands innovate with speed and scale, use data to pivot business models, and manage a culture of energy and unconventional thinking – the discussion got off to a flying start.

So, how does one innovate with the necessary speed, scale and scope to win the U.S. market? A few of the nuggets we gleaned from the discussion:

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Celebrating “Sechseläuten” in Zurich

“Sechseläuten” (Swiss German: Sächsilüüte) is an old spring festival that occurs in Zurich every year on the third Monday of April. As a global firm, we like to celebrate the traditions and customs of our local offices. Therefore, the Vivaldi Partners Zurich office had the pleasure to host more than 50 high profile executives (and their families) in the fields of branding, marketing and media from major Swiss corporations at the Vivaldi office to celebrate once again the “Sechseläuten” festivities and enjoy a casual get together and informal peer exchange.

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Vivaldi Partners feiert „Sechseläuten“ in Zürich

Das „Sechseläuten“ (Schweizerdeutsch: Sächsilüüte) ist eines der ältesten Frühlingsfeste in Zürich, welches jedes Jahr am dritten Montag im April gefeiert wird. Als globales Unternehmen, welches regelmässig die Traditionen und Bräuche von unseren lokalen Büros feiert, hatte das Vivaldi Partners Büro in Zürich bereits zum vierten Mal die Freude, über 50 bekannte Führungskräfte und ihre Familien aus der Schweizer Marketing-, Branding- und Medien-Welt zum diesjährigen “Sechseläuten” zu einem lockeren Zusammensein und informellen Austausch einzuladen.

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This Week in Business and Brands: Scheming and Streaming, Start-ups and Strongholds, and More

In an age of constant disruption and relentless innovation, where a new app is seemingly born every day, you might think people have never been more entrepreneurial.  And yet there are those who say we’ve still got a lot of work to do – like Nike founder Phil Knight, who worries that the U.S. is actually losing its edge when it comes to the optimistic spirit of the startup economy.  Only time will tell whether we’re really falling behind or going above and beyond – but if this week is any barometer, there’s still plenty to be excited about, and always something to learn.

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This Week in Business and Brands: Revolutions, Wheel-Spinning, and More

For any procrastinators out there, we have two pieces of good news for you today. Not only do you still have the weekend to file your taxes, but there’s also still time to register for our upcoming event here at Vivaldi in NYC!  Come join us for Brand New World: the Speed, Scale, and Scope to Winning the USA, as we pick the brains of branding leaders from Birchbox, Chobani, Unilever and more in an engaging panel discussion at our spacious SoHo loft office. Hope to see you there!

Dawn of a New Era?

The next time you hear someone mention a big networking event, they might not just be talking about some cocktail party; they could be referring to the fourth industrial revolution, “blurring the lines between physical, digital and biological spheres.” Moral of the story: if you’re not finding dovetail opportunities for both collaboration and digitization, you might just find yourself left in the dust. Case in point: Facebook’s new partnership with Dropbox now allows for easy big-file sharing, marrying two behemoths of the Cloud for the benefit of all. And enhancing collaboration even further on the backend is a rising trend towards open-source developing, a move that brings us full-circle to early days of computer gaming that set the standard for the future’s (read: today’s) online community. Perhaps we’re not so “DOOMed” after all…

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