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The New Role for CMOs and Marketers

We are entering a new era of leadership in companies. In the old world, companies sought leaders who “ran” the company’s business – optimized supply chains, led the organization and workforce, improved sales and customer service. Customers were at the receiving end of the company’s efforts in creating, innovating and bringing to market products and services.

Today, companies and boards seek leaders for entirely different challenges.

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What Brands Need to Know about Digital Strategy

Vivaldi Partners Group Founder and CEO Erich Joachimsthaler was interviewed the other day by DayBreak USA. In his conversation with the host, Jay Young, Erich talked about what brands and businesses need to know in order to connect with consumers in today’s digital world. The empowered consumers are Always-On with fickle preferences. Companies must meet this change by enabling their digital enterprises. Erich goes on to explain how companies can do that as well as mistakes to avoid.

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Customer Relationships in the Age of Digital Darwinism

“Digital Darwinism does not affect a few industries, but all of us.”

Erich Joachimsthaler, CEO and founder Vivaldi Partners Group, spoke at this year’s Digital Darwinism Summit about customer relationships in the age of Digital Darwinism. He pointed out that it is not technology that disrupts the marketplace, but consumers and their changing behaviors. The customer relationship is the main disruptive force.

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When Big Data Becomes Smart Data: Darwinism in Multi-Channel Marketing

Representing one of the largest multichannel marketing platforms worldwide, Dominik Dommick, Managing Director at PAYBACK gave a fascinating glimpse into current practices and benefits of Big Data in his company. Despite the rapid innovation in digital channels and new technology, customer relationships in the digital age are becoming somewhat akin to neighborhood shops of the past, only at a much bigger scale, according to Dominik. What is different now is that customers are using multiple channels, online, offline and mobile to connect, browse and shop (also referred to as the “Trialog” at PAYBACK).

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Disruption in the Insurance Sector: Digitalization at Allianz

Joseph Gross, Allianz SE’s Head of Group Market Management and CMO of the Year 2010, shared insights from the Digital Transformation taking place in the insurance industry and at Allianz during this year’s Vivaldi Digital Darwinism Summit.

Joseph expressed relief that the speed of transformation in the insurance industry is not as high as in other industries… yet. However the pressure is rising as online purchases for home and car insurance in Europe have doubled in the last 5 years. Moreover, customers show a growing tendency to become hybrid personas that use various on- and off-line touch points when looking for insurance products.

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