Our Services
and Areas of Expertise

Developing Powerful
Strategies for Growth

We develop corporate strategies (in which businesses compete) and business level strategies (how to compete in a market). At Vivaldi Partners Group, we utilize a highly successful approach to strategy formulation, the Objective, Advantage, and Scope approach, or OAS, as profiled in the Harvard Business Review.

We combine discovery of deep insights on customer demand, industry trends and competitor dynamics on one hand, and a strategic understanding of our client's core capabilities from a resource-based perspective on the other. Our research and analysis is rigorous and fact-based, but also creative and insight-driven. Everything we do starts from a deep understanding of demand opportunities.

Key questions
we help answer:
  • What strategy creates maximum long-term value?
  • What advantage can be built and what implications does this have for the configuration of the activities of the firm?
  • What are the most profitable market opportunities given the unique configuration of activities of a business?
  • What resources, capabilities and processes require alignment to the strategic objectives?
Growth Strategy

Formulating growth strategies is at the core of Vivaldi Partners’ expertise. We explore growth opportunities using a broad range of tools, methodologies and capabilities. Our approach is known as the DIG model or Demand-first Innovation and Growth model. This model consists of processes, tools and methodologies to identify entirely new growth opportunities, to structure opportunities into growth platforms, and to formulate strategies for new business creation. Unlike other growth models, the DIG model represents a systematic and repeatable process to realize growth again and again.