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We use our proven, proprietary demand-first methodology to achieve new levels of greatness for our clients. We believe growth comes from a deep and comprehensive perspective about demand from the outside-in.

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Vivaldi Partners Group
consists of a unique
portfolio of three businesses.

We bring together deep capabilities in strategic
, combined with cutting-edge creative
and digital
expertise, and merged with leading
executive education and organizational change
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Digital Darwinism
Vivaldi Digital Darwinism
Frankfurt, Germany
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the executive summary from DDS14
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Building Brands Beyond Love

CEO Erich Joachimsthaler
to address audience
at Microsoft Advertising

Building Brands Beyond Love
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AOC Consumer Study 2014

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Always-On Consumer Report
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Vivaldi Partners Group is a global firm that unlocks innovation and growth opportunities for brands and businesses in a digitally connected world.

Areas of Expertise
News & Events
Apr 2014
Our Always-On Consumer 2014 Report was featured in Retail TouchPoint's article, "Trend Watch: Are Always-On Consumers As Complicated As They Seem?" CEO Erich Joachimsthaler explained the importance of the report's implications.
Apr 2014
Our Always-On Consumer 2014 Report has been featured in acquisa magazine’s article, "Typologie der Always-On Kunden." Acquisa is a leading marketing and sales magazine.
Apr 2014
CEO Erich Joachimsthaler was interviewed by Mobile Marketing Watch on the topic of Mozilla’s CEO resigning. He explained what that would mean for the brand.
Apr 2014
Werbewoche magazine, a leading marketing/advertising magazine in Switzerland, interviewed Senior Partner Roland Bernhard about the "Always-On Consumer 2014" Report.
Mar 2014
Vivaldi Partners Group's New York office is hosting an event to celebrate the launch of the "Always-On Consumer 2014" Report.
More than any other firm, we focus on helping our clients in leveraging the opportunities that result from the sweeping impact of the internet on growth, the changing consumer or customer behaviors in today’s times of digital information overflow, and the profound impact of technology on innovation and businesses globally.
Everything we do is driven by the deepest and most profound understanding of customers’ or consumers’ market ecosystem.
Ron Zhiss // Associate Partner
Josip Maršan // Research Analyst
Richard Rolka // Chief Financial Officer
Dr. Ekkehard Kuppel // Faculty Partner
Crystal Spence // Consultant
Andrea Wolf // Partner
Nick Hahn // Senior Partner
David Aaker // Advisory Board Member
Dirk Kammerzell // Creative Director
Philip Ryan // Global Trends & Foresight Lead
Tammy Tan // Associate Partner
Stefanie Hoffman // Senior Consultant
Jennifer Barron // Research Analyst
Agathe Blanchon-Ehrsam name // Executive Director
Paddy Miller // Advisory Board Member
Niklas Sandberg // Associate Partner
Melody Liu // Engagement Manager
Markus Zinnbauer // Partner
Michael Maio // Consultant
Soh Won Cha // Marketing Communications Manager
Yoram Greener // Partner – Technology, Digital and Social Analytics
Roland Bernhard // Senior Partner
Royce Johnson // Associate Director
Christian Wank // Engagement Manager
Hylke Faber // Faculty Partner
Gaurav Bhatnagar // Faculty Partner
Rob Straker // Director
Erich Joachimsthaler // Founder and CEO
Marco Taborelli // Principal
Jessica Owens // Director, Program Management
Anne Olderog // Director
Kristina Stroedter // Engagement Manager
German Yunes // Principal